[expand title=”2. What makes a piece of clothing “vintage”?” targclass=”highlight”]Vintage clothing is pre-worn and aged to perfection. There may be natural wear to garments due to their age. We do our best to show any imperfections in our pictures and description. We make every effort to give you any information you made need in our listings. If you need any additional information about our listing please feel free to get in contact with us. We will add this information to the listing as others might have the same question.[/expand]

[expand title=”3. What makes an item appropriate for VintageLand?” targclass=”highlight”]Here at VintageLand, we only resale items with a certain, scrupulous clientele in mind. We sale items that we’d wear or have in our home. We hope we are connecting with like minded customers.[/expand]

[expand title=”4. Where do your items come from?” targclass=”highlight”]Our items come from a variety of sources, and while our shop is both smoke and pet free, we cannot guarantee that items were not exposed to these circumstances in their original home. Most items will need washed before wearing.[/expand]

[expand title=”5. Where all does VintageLand ship their products?” targclass=”highlight”]VintageLand now ships worldwide on all items under 5 lbs. All items are shipped via International First Class rates. International Priority Mail is available upon request.[/expand]

[expand title=”6. How are shipping rates calculated?” targclass=”highlight”]VintageLand prides itself on providing the best possible shipping rates. Items that are too large for Flat Rate Priority are shipped through the United States Postal Service Priority Mail based upon weight. Most items require a $1 handling fee. We do not make profit on our shipping fees nor should anyone settle for that kind of practice by online retailers.[/expand]

[expand title=”7. Why is my package in a weird box from a different online merchants?” targclass=”highlight”]We here a VintageLand value recycling. Many times we reuse boxes from popular online merchants like Zappos and Amazon. This practice is two fold: We save you money on packaging while limiting our carbon footprint on the environment.[/expand]

[expand title=”8. Does VintageLand accept returns?” targclass=”highlight”]VintageLand now accepts returns for American orders. The customer must contact VintageLand within 14 days of receiving the item informing us of the return. Buyer is required to pay for return shipping. VintageLand offers a full refund minus all shipping and handling fees once the item has been returned in its unworn, original condition.

Items that have not been accurately described in a listing will be refunded free of charge upon delivery. Please contact VintageLand for special arrangements in these rare cases.

[expand title=”9. Do you accept International Returns?” targclass=”highlight”]Sorry, we cannot accept returns on international orders.[/expand]

[expand title=”10. Can you provide tracking information on International orders?” targclass=”highlight”]Items shipped via First Class International will not have available tracking information. Please contact VintageLand for special arrangements concerning International tracking information/confirmation.[/expand]

[expand title=”11. I have an item you may be interested in. Do you buy items for resale?” targclass=”highlight”]Please visit our Contact Page here and let us know what you are interested in selling.[/expand]

[expand title=”12. How can I be kept informed as to when you list your new items?” targclass=”highlight”]Please join our Ebay newsletter here.[/expand]

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